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Using the system

We are pleased to welcome all users of any level of experience from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences as well as other academic institutions and private companies. 

To get started you have to register your details in our booking system. All users will start at Full support level, but can fast progress to Min support and DIY with a bit of training. 

The IVIS Spectrum CT

The imaging system is located at 16-2-8 inside the 16-2 quarantine animal unit (IVC unit at 16.2). Access rule are the same as for the rest of 16-2.


There are three levels of fees:

  • Do It Yourself (DIY) - Use of the systems without any technical assistance.
  • Minimum support (Min) - Use of the systems with some technical assistance.
  • Full support (Full) - Use of the systems with full-time assistance from the staff.
DIY/h Min/h Full/h
University of Copenhagen DKK 350 400 500
Visiting academia DKK 700 800 1000
Commercial visitors DKK 1400 1600 2000


Image processing

On the 14th floor in Maersk Tower there is a dedicated workstation pc for IVIS image processing. The computer is connected to the SUND network and data can be accessed directly from the IVIS machine when saved to personal network drives. Use of the workstation is free of charge.